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We use The Bow
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Global accessibility study, 26 countries. Analyzing micro-expressions to see what surveys miss.
Rebranded STEM to get 1MM students excited about math and science.
Co-created in research with parents, students and educators.
33% increase in revenue, 150+ employees. Co-created messaging and CRO.
3x revenue. No ad spend. Iterative studies to co-create product, messaging, brand strategy and app UI/UX.
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Mimi Bouchard,
CEO Superhuman
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CEO My College Crate
“We have the research needed to launch products we know are going to be successful.”
Franki Chamaki,
CEO Hivery
“Highly recommend. Have been using it. Will be using it.”
Mitra Silva,
Simour Design
“If you are on the fence to do it or not, I would highly recommend. Because this is the best investment you can do - that lasts you forever.”

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